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How To Wear Black With Pops Of Color

If black is the dominant shade in your closet, this one's for you.

We get it: Sometimes, you really just wanna wear all black. It's convenient, fool-proof, and easy to put together. But adding an accent hue or print to your all-black ensemble can really upgrade your look. Here's how you can wear black with fabulous pops of color:

Wear racing stripes!

They aren't just for the track meet! Racing stripes on the sides of any outfit can accentuate your figure—red stripes in particular are both functional and fabulous! Take your cue from Kathryn Bernardo's black striped pants and skirt:

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Pair black with colorful kicks.

We love the multicolored chunky sneaks + black letterman jacket look on Sarah Lahbati:

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Not really the sneaker type? Try pairing an all-black outfit with fuchsia loafers like Dominique Cojuangco:

Play around with prints.

TBH, any kind of print will look ~*amazing*~ with black bottoms. Wear black jeans and combat boots with a low-cut red gingham top like Halsey. Pull your hair back in a ponytail and pop that highlighter to complete the look!

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Go crazy with patterns!

Maybe all-black isn't your thing, but you've been dying to try wearing more black tops and bottoms. A great way to start is to pair the black top or bottom of your choice with crazy colorful patterns. 

Try floral prints with a black ribboned top, as seen on Camila Cabello:

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You can't not look sexy in a black leather mini skirt! Pair this with a bright red camo polo like the one on Mari Jasmine:

Put on some colorful sunglasses!

A black minimalist boxy tee is best worn with oversized yellow sunnies. The brighter the better, like this gorgeous pair on Lee Sung-kyung:

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