Kim Jones Loves Clothes With Unusual Silhouettes, And We're Seriously Loving Them

She’s style goals forever!
PHOTO: Instagram/kimcamjones

Global style star Kim Jones can look *fab* in practically anything, from couture to RTW to resort wear. What we love in particular is the way she carries the oddest-shaped of clothes with such ease, personality, and pizzazz.

Here are our faves:

When aerodynamics works in your favor, you know you’ve made it.

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Check out these pockets that extend beyond the hemlines of the coat.

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As always, Kim Jones hits all the right style notes with this accordion dress.

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She also makes crumpled fabric look oh-so-stylish!

Here’s a tip: Get a coat that gives you an instant hourglass shape so you can stuff yourself at the buffet.

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Which came first, the skirt or the top? Or wait… is it a dress?

When you don’t want to leave your bed but need to get up, show up, dress up, and never give up. Here’s how to do it:

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To all the girls who hate wearing bodycon dresses, here’s a new silhouette to try:

She looks absolutely stunning! Also, where does it all start and end?!

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