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Let's Talk About Kris' Gorgeous Cape In 'Crazy Rich Asians'

The detail on this piece is simply amazing!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/rbchanco, (RIGHT) Instagram/krisaquino

Yesterday, Kris Aquino walked the red carpet of the Crazy Rich Asians premiere looking nothing short of stunning in a yellow Michael Leyva gown.

Kris plays Princess Intan in the film, a member of Malay royalty. Kris didn't fail to go all out for the night, even wearing jewelery that costs millions!

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Just when we thought that Kris' look couldn't get more extravagant than this, she goes ahead and posts this Michael Cinco cape on Instagram:

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Yes, Kris is going to be wearing this IN THE MOVIE! We expected nothing less, TBH.

Here is why Kris chose to post the cape on IG before flying home to Manila:

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"[I] felt when auditioning for this that there was absolutely nothing left to lose [and] whether [I] was included or not—I gave it my very best... seeing the proud, smiling faces of all our fellow Filipino Americans lining Hollywood Boulevard made me realize that the greatest gift this movie gave me was that it gave me that special opportunity to make us Filipinos feel good about ourselves [and] our contribution to the global workforce..." she wrote. "I felt we are SPECIAL because iba ang Filipino pag sumuporta at magmahal... Thank you for truly restoring my FAITH na #kaysarapmagingpilipino."

Crazy Rich Asians premieres in the Philippines on August 22.

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