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Liz Uy Reveals The Essentials In Her Vintage Bag

The 2011 Fun Fearless Female awardee and celeb stylist responsible for countless fab looks shows us what she carries with her on a regular work day!


Styling for fashion magazines and celebrities is not as glamorous as you think it is. It involves spending long hours in the mall and in stores, contemplating just the right pieces to pull out for a particular shoot or person, bringing these to the shoot location (and back to the stores), and putting them together on the model or star, doing everything from steaming to clipping, just so the clothes look their utmost best on her subject or client.

While the rest of us marvel at celebrity stylist and fashion editor-at-large Liz Uy's ability to juggle so many projects and events at once and still look gorgeous and well-put together, she seems to take it all in stride. As she would for her famous clients and fashion spread models, she always picks the most appropriate and fashionable outfits for herself for any occasion. And, she makes sure to bring all her beauty and work essentials in an equally sophisticated bag to go with her outfit. When we met up with her for her Cosmo shoot as one of the Fun, Fearless Female Awardees for 2011, we were able to catch a glimpse of her on-the-go style secret: donning the ever-classic black!

Liz wore a black jumpsuit that's both on-trend and comfortable, and paired it with a Chanel 2.55 vintage purse. The jumbo version of the legendary bag is large enough to carry all her work essentials (remember: it has to be on-the-go), while still conveying instant class and drawing the admiration of many a bag-lover.

Over a year ago, we featured the contents of the bag she brought with her to Christian Bautista's music video shoot (click here to see it!). Now, with her in the limelight and the subject of the Cosmo shoot, take a look at what the in-demand stylist brings with her in her classy, shiny black bag.

The content was surprisingly basic and pared down to the essentials. Fragrance and lip balm were the extent of her kikay loot, while techy gadgets like an iPad and Blackberry kept all her VIP client info and appointments in check.

Launch the gallery to see all the things we found in her posh bag!

With reports from Trixie Reyna

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