5 Local Shops To Get Stylish ~*Cool Girl*~ Shirts

Laidback looks for daaaaays.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/lancermanuel via Instagram/brklxx, (RIGHT) Instagram/andreagenota via Instagram/enimalhabit

Gone are the days when looking stylish meant exerting a lot of effort in piecing together an outfit. These days, we’ve managed to make effortless look cool. Case in point: the sudden rise of belt bags, cargo pants, and sneakers. But who would forget about everyone’s favorite: the t-shirt. Whether you’re simply running errands, or you just want to look cool while remaining comfy, t-shirts are the way to go. Check out these brands that can cater to your cool girl needs:

  1. Enimal

    This Laguna-based brand is making a name for itself in the local streetwear scene. With unconventional prints on conventional t-shirts, Enimal gives you the streetwear vibe without overwhelming you with in-your-face designs.

    How to cop: For our southern babes, you can visit their physical store at Peeks Lifestyle Store. You can also check out their Facebook or Instagram.

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  2. Z+ Manila

    If you’re a woke millennial who loves telling the world about your advocacies, then you should check out this promising t-shirt brand, Z+ Manila. They currently have four extra-cute designs and one of them is made for girls who love girls! Progressive and stylish, what more can you ask for?

    How to cop: Check out their Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/zplusmanila/) or Facebook.

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    If you take a look at BRKLSS, you would immediately see that this brand is all about edge. But recently, they’ve come up with newer and more delicate designs that are perfect for those who want to get into the streetwear hype!

    How to cop: Check out their website.

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  4. Don’t Blame The Kids

    Making waves in the local streetwear scene, Don’t Blame The Kids has shirts that mostly have minimalist graphics which proves that their brand is determined to produce on point and straightforward designs.

    How to cop: You can visit their website to either order online or to check out the list of their stockists.

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  5. Factory

    Loved by personalities like Anne Curtis, Ida Anduyan, and Haley Dasovich, this brand mixes retro and modern-day elements—which is super in right now!

    Fun fact: the denim jacket from Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s Baka Bukas movie poster is from this brand!

    How to cop: Check out their Instagram or visit their website.

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