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These Minimalist 'What's In My Bag' Videos Will Make Your Day


One of my favorite past times in the world is watching What’s in My Bag videos—I can’t help it, I’m so nosy about what other people carry in their bags and how they organize their kalat.

Personally, I’m the mom of the friend group, so my bags are always filled with things that you might need, so you can say I’m not much of a minimalist. This, however, might just change after I binge watched minimalist WIMB content on YouTube.

The videos, usually by ultra-hip and stylish Korean and Japanese women, are so calming and soothing to watch that you’ll end up wanting to throw away everything in your purse and just leave a few things. Most of them don’t show the face of the vlogger, and you’ll either only hear their voice or read the text—I’m pretty sure these factors are why they’re so calming!

Here are some of my favorites that you should definitely save for future reference:

That mini makeup pouch: I need it. Cut down your makeup essentials to just a few things—you don’t need to bring you entire makeup collection every day!

This vlogger carries less than 10 things in her purse. Amazing.

This vlogger shows how you can fold your favorite eco bags—so practical.

A common theme I’ve spotted: drawstring pouches to carry necessities. Chic!

I think we’ve established by now that small wallets are the key! Big and long wallets take up so much space in your bag.


Mini medicine kit, mini makeup kit, mini everything!

Obsessed with this one, particularly with that clear makeup kit! Lugging around clear kits in your bag makes it easier for you to spot what you have and what you might have left behind.

This tiny purse is super trendy right now, but who knew you could actually carry all your essentials in it?

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