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The Best Space-Saving Tips We Learned From Nicole Andersson's Walk-In Closet Tour

Nicole Andersson's Walk-In Closet Space-Saving Tips
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/nicole_andersson, YouTube/Nicole Andersson

We find it satisfying to watch celebrity closet tours or simply spy on anyone's wardrobe collection. We're always curious about how they maximize the limited space, including the fashion finds they treasure. In this instance, we're impressed with how Nicole Andersson made use of her closet space.


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As a fashion influencer and host, her job requires her to have a special spot dedicated to storing her wardrobe. She prioritized to have one room in her condo to be transformed into a walk-in-closet. Although not all of us are lucky to have a lot of space to keep our clothes, we can learn a thing or two about maximizing a small space from Nicole. 

  1. Opt for curtains instead of glass doors for the cabinets.

    To protect your items from dust and sunlight, you may go for curtains like Nicole or get a cabinet with sliding doors.

    Nicole Andersson Closet Tou
    YouTube/Nicole Andersson

  2. Vertical storage is key.

    To maximize your floor area, you have nowhere to go but up! Make use of tall shelves to store the items you don't use every day.

  3. Choose furniture that you could easily move around.

    Nicole got wheels installed to her island accessories storage drawer. This way, she could just move it to one side in case she wanted to work out or maximize the room's floor area. In our case, trolleys can serve as moveable storage!

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    Nicole Andersson Closet Tour
    YouTube/Nicole Andersson

  4. Prioritize the items you want to keep.

    She emphasized that when you have limited space, you have to get rid of the items you don't really use. Only keep the things that you use on your daily style rotation or those of high value to you. (It should spark joy!) 



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Watch the rest of her video for more space-saving tips!

The Walk-In Closet Tour | Nicole Andersson

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