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10 Truths I Learned From A Style Workshop

Exclusive tips from public speaker and fashion entrepreneur Nika Diwa.
PHOTO: Instagram/diwadoll

As someone who loves to dress up, I've often found myself stumped with what to wear for the day or a bit dizzy with all the latest trends that come and go so quickly. Every girl needs a bit of style advice, no matter how chic you already are! I had the privilege of attending Nika Diwa's style workshop, "Be Empowered: An Interactive Learning Experience On Style And Self-Worth," and it was definitely the experience I needed to boost my style know-how. 

First of all, who is Nika Diwa?

Nika Diwa is a public speaker, consultant, stylist, and fashion entrepreneur. She's been through the ins and outs of corporate fashion and has worked for brands such as TheRealReal, Barneys New York, and Ermenegildo Zegna before deciding to move to Manila to put up her own brand. Pretty bold on her part, and I totally salute her for that!

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What brand does she own?

Nika is one of two founders of Shop Laro, a brand that specializes in creating artisanal products with local communities. 

They continue to ensure that their workers are paid fairly and even take the liberty of donating school supplies to the children of their artisans. Now that's cruelty-free, sustainable fashion we can totally get behind!

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What can we learn from Nika? 

Here, tips we got from her workshop!

  1. Be authentic to yourself. 
    If there's one thing you should be consistent about, it's authenticity! Don't wear it if your outfit doesn't say, "This is me."
  2. Style starts from the inside and reflects your personality.
    Think about how your own personality affects your style! If you're into bold colors, you could be a really bubbly, positive person. Reflect that in your style.
  3. There's a message in every piece of clothing. 
    What you wear = what you want to say. This is why style is so important! It lets the people around you know that you value the time you share with them in the best creative way you know how.
  4. Decide what your budget is before going to the mall!
    Okay, I think we're all a little guilty of violating this rule. Deciding on a budget early on can prevent unnecessary spending, and lets you prioritize what you need to shop for.
  5. Be creative with what you already have.
    You may have an outfit combo in mind that just needs a little closet-digging to come to fruition!
  6. Most brands offer the same trends.
    If you go window shopping reguarly, you'll find that you can get some pretty cheap alternatives if you look hard enough! Check out different stores, and find the best option for your budget. 
  7. Do your homework. 
    Think: If I could have any brand, what would it be? Take those ideas from big brands and hunt for smaller ones who create quality pieces.
  8. Shop the latest trends from your closet.
    Trends aren't as new as you think; in fact, they're pretty cyclical! You may have noticed that patterns and wide-leg pants are making a comeback, even though we considered them vintage not so long ago. It's entirely possible that a simple closet cleanup can unearth the latest trends from the comfort of your own home.
  9. Organize your closet according to color and type.
    We know, nakakatamad siyang gawinbut trust me: closet cleanups will save your life! Instead of taking more than an hour to get dressed every morning, you can pick and choose your outfit combos with ease. 
  10. Buy sale items you can wear all year. 
    Know your basics, girl! Everyone knows sale season is the best for shopping, and choosing your essentials will be a breeze!
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