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These Boys On IGTV Are The Funniest Streetwear Vloggers Ever!

Who knew comedy and streetwear were a match made in vlogging heaven?
PHOTO: Instagram/pereastreet

When streetwear comes to mind, you probably think of crazy expensive designer shoes like the ones below:

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Maybe graphic tees too, like this one:

Or something like Glaiza de Castro's top:

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So believe me when I say that the one thing I didn't expect to associate with it is a bunch of guys singing comedic songs about streetwear on IGTV!

Pereastreet, named after Perea Street in Makati, is a hilarious team of three: Julo, Judd, and Edse. On a weekly basis, these guys review Balenciaga sneakers and Off-White Nike Air Maxes, among others, with ridiculously funny jingles in the process! I don't know how they managed to make it work either, but you'll just have to watch their vlogs to see!

They've been checking out designer stores:

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And even arrived at the Sunnies Face launch! Do we spot a makeup review, or is that too off-brand? Fingers crossed!

Here's a preview of them interviewing actual dads about the "chunky sneakers" trend:

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This is the ode to fanny packs I've always wanted to write:

Brb, gonna stalk them on IGTV right now. Will be AWOL for a few hours or so.

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