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The *Real* Reason Jeans Have Small Pockets

You know, the tiny one inside your actual pocket.
what the small pocket in the denim jeans is actually for
PHOTO: Mica Asato/Pexels

Ever wondered what those jeans pockets are for? Not the regular-sized ones, though (as they're obvs for things like your phone and loose change). Nope, we're talking about those small pockets nestled inside the regular-sized ones, usually located on just one side. Well, evidently you're kinda interested, otherwise, you probs wouldn't be here—amiright?

It's true, in life, there are few things that remain a mystery to us. But when those little mysteries become un-mystified, generally the world goes into serious meltdown mode at the sheer importance of the new information. It's a bit like when everyone found out what that extra shoelace hole in our trainers is actually for. Mind-blowing.

Well, hold onto your hats, because some particularly curious forum users who couldn't live in a world where that pocket's function wasn't known, have gone and discovered its use.

It turns out that the tiny little pocket inside the regular pocket was originally designed for cowboys in the 1800s, to hold their pocket watches (presumably to keep it safe while they were riding horseback). But since we are in 2021 and we are, for the most part, not cowboys, these pockets have taken on new guises. Especially since we now have wristwatches and all, meaning we don't really need a dedicated 'pocket' for them.

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According to Levi Strauss, this nifty feature was "originally included as protection for pocket watches, thus the name, this extra pouch has served many functions, evident in its many titles: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket, and ticket pocket, to name a few."

The more you know! Consider that case officially closed.


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