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Omo, This Is The *Exact* Black Sunglasses Song Hye Kyo Wore In 'The Glory'

LOOK: Song Hye Kyo's Black Sunglasses In 'The Glory'
PHOTO: The Glory/Netflix

For anyone tuning in to Netflix's The Glory, it's now a given: Song Hye Kyo's acting caliber isn't one to be questioned. In the dark K-drama, the Hallyu favorite plays Moon Dong Eun, a high school teacher whose violent high school past plagues her adulthood. In an act of revenge against her childhood tormentors, she plans a long con vengeance as the homeroom teacher of her bully's child.

The Glory doesn't shy away from depicting serious themes in graphic scenes, but its somber undertones are also hidden gems themselves. One case is its costume design, which complements its bleaker aura with a statement yet muted pieces.

Song Hye Kyo in The Glory
Courtesy of Netflix

In one scene, Dong Eun lingers in the shadows at the wedding of her tormentor Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon). There, she's dressed—rather ironically—like a funeral guest, garbed in a full-length black trench coat layered over dark innerwear.

The Glory
The Glory/Netflix

With Dong Eun's hair pulled in a ponytail and loose strands framing her face, she topped it off with a dramatic staple: Black sunglasses. And as with any K-drama, the costume department doesn't disappoint. Dong Eun actually sports a pair of sunnies from the American luxury eyewear brand Moscot. The Arthur Sun is based on the iconic Lemtosh silhouette, which features a rounded frame with a slimmed-down look.

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The sunglasses are available in shades of Charcoal, Tobacco, Blonde, and Crystal, but if you fancy recreating Dong Eun—at least, style-wise—then you might want to opt for the classic black pair. Check out the exact piece below:

The Glory
Arthur Sun, P20,500, MOSCOT, Moscot


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