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10 Stylish Male K-Pop Idols On Instagram That You Should Follow RN

They got what it takes to be fashion icons!
10 Stylish Male K-Pop Idols On Instagram
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/harpersbazaarsg, INSTAGRAM/xuminghao_o

In recent years, it's pretty obvious that K-pop has made it big worldwide. From stellar production, unique concepts, and highly-entertaining content, there are many reasons why people around the world have fallen into the rabbit hole. K-pop acts are now recognized as huge players in the international music markets and we definitely understand why. All of the efforts they put into their work are proof of their much-deserved international success.

If you think that those are the only reasons why K-pop is buzzworthy, there's one more thing that adds up to the spice and it's none other than K-fashion! When we say that they give their best in everything, they really mean it. Style plays a good impression in this competitive industry and it's always amazing to see how they can make a fashion statement that will match their concept. Hats off to the hardworking stylists and of course, to our favorite idols who always deliver!

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Here are some stylish male K-pop idols that you should follow on Instagram:

  1. TXT's Yeonjun

    Kicking off the list is none other than ~*4th Gen It Boy*~ himself, Choi Yeonjun of TXT. The current SBS Inkigayo MC is the sole member of his team who opened an Instagram account that appears like a fashion portfolio with all the high-end brands that he has posted.

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  2. BTS' V

    Like the captivating man that he is, it's no surprise to see V in here. As much as we love viewing his IG stories, we also admire how he looks ethereal in whatever he wears. He can sometimes be experimental in fashion and he knows how to pull it off like royalty. After all, he is V—the personification of visuals and versatility.

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  3. EXO's Kai

    Just a gaze from this K-pop idol will make you weak in the knees. When you visit Kai's IG profile, you will see his wide interest in fashion. He can wear different combinations of clothes and strike a good pose. Kai is certainly an icon of his own!

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  4. BIGBANG's G-Dragon

    This wouldn't be a fashion-related story if G-Dragon is not on the list. For such a long time, he has already proven his stature in the K-pop scene along with his remarkable fashion statements. He is so stylish to the point that he can literally wear anything and it will still sell bigtime!

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  5. SEVENTEEN's The8

    The8 is someone who can easily project to the camera and display what he is wearing. He knows how to create poses that will capture not only our eyes but also our hearts. The SEVENTEEN member can just stand straight or bend his body. Either way, he looks stunning!

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  6. DKZ's Jaechan
    A rising K-pop star, DKZ's Jaechan is giving us the face, the expression, and the outfits. Browsing into his IG account is similar to flipping the pages of a fashion magazine. Let's be honest: This young idol has huge potential and a bright future is waiting for him.

  7. GOT7's Mark

    One day, you style him with a look that gives bad boy energy. The next day, you dress him with a cropped top that reveals his toned physique. On both days, Mark Tuan slays—no explanation needed

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  8. WayV's WinWin
    An idol that is winning in life is WayV's WinWin! Gifted with such a beautiful face, he can wear anything and will still look his best. We are blessed enough to see that WinWin loves to share his wardrobe photos on IG. We stan a man who looks expensive in everything!

  9. NCT 127's Yuta

    Plains or prints? Neutral tones or screaming colors? Regardless of the choices, Yuta can make a fashion statement. He can look straight at the camera and exhibit his attractive side profile. The only possible outcome when it comes to him is to look great every. single. time.

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  10. ASTRO's Rocky

    It's a yes for a soft and sweet wardrobe. It's also a yes for an edgy look. The duality of this K-pop idol will allow him to parade any kind of OOTD! Rocky's IG account is filled with boyfriend vibe photos and we're not complaining. Also, can we just say that the name Rocky perfectly fits him? The explanation is simplehe's rocking it!

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