10 Tops You Can French Tuck

Here’s how you can make Tan France proud!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/ingridnilsen, (RIGHT) Zalora

Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with Netflix’s Queer Eye! We know we are, and we’re just as curious about Tan France’s viral French tuck as much as the next girl. If you’ve only seen a French tuck on guys, you might be wondering how it would look on you.

Here are a bunch of tops that are totally French tuck-friendly! When done right, you could look slimmer and taller for your next meeting or night out with the girls!

  1. The Boxy Minimalist Graphic Tee

    Black tees are already slimming, and the tuck will only make this top ~*extra*~. Pair this with a slightly ripped white denim skirt for excellent color contrast.

    Short boxy tee with graphic, P799, Zalora
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  2. The Striped Polo

    Vertical stripes are another quick slimming hack! Pair a loose striped polo with cutoff boyfriend jeans, but keep your sandals and tote looking classy to balance out this laid-back look.

  3. The Oversized Minimalist Graphic Tee

    Don’t be afraid to try your luck shopping two or three sizes up! This tee looks great French tucked into skinny jeans, folded twice over sneakers.
    Oversized boyfriend tee with graphic, P799, Zalora
  4. The Bright Floral Top

    Tuck those patterns into a neutral or white-colored skirt to really let them stand out. Pair with sandals in the same color family as your top.
    Sana top, P3,199, Zalora
  5. The Short-Sleeved Button-Down

    A solid-colored button-down looks great with ripped shorts and white high tops for a classy, yet casual look.
    Cassle short sleeve shirt, P1,199, Zalora
  6. The Striped Cami Top

    Remember what we said about stripes a while ago? That rings true for sleeveless cami tops too! Pair a solid-colored striped cami top with basic blue jeans and dressy white sandals.  

    Astrid cami top, P799, Zalora

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  7. The Sheer White Top

    Every girl needs at least one of these tops in her wardrobe! They go with absolutely everything and can be styled in different ways—French tucking being no exception! Try going without a belt for this option, keeping it casual paired with light jeans and a wicker bag.

  8. The Light Striped Short-Sleeved Top

    This top looks great with a denim skirt. Try pairing this with boots as well—the tuck makes you slimmer and the boots make you look taller!
    Short sleeve top, P1,598, Zalora
  9. The Bold Pink Polo

    Show off an elegant necklace by leaving the top buttons free. Accessorize with a clutch ample enough to fit everything you need to get going.

  10. The Basic Statement Tee

    Best part about this top? You can find it in almost every store! Pair it with sleek faux leather black jeans and boots—perfect for looking and feeling comfy in this weather.
    Printed message t-shirt, P599, Zalora
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