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#TheDress Now Comes In White And Gold!

Everybody wins!

Remember the dress that broke the Internet? Yeah, the one that's actually black and blue?

Well, Roman Originals—the brand behind the dress—just released the frock's white and gold version for a limited time on eBay. So everyone can get what they want!

Before you say that this is some marketing ploy, it's not. Roman Originals put the dress up for auction to raise money for UK-based charity Comic Relief.

A spokesperson told The Daily Mail, "#TheDress that broke the internet could become one the world’s most wanted dresses as an exclusive white and gold version goes on auction on ebay today. The winning bidder can grab a piece of internet history as only one exclusive dress in white and gold has been made and will go up for auction until Sunday."

Okay, TBH, the white and gold version looks soo much better than the black and blue version. But that's just us.



You Can Go To Sleep Now! #TheDress Is Black And Blue

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