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12 Pogi Things Guys Do That Make Them Infinitely Hotter

Normal Guy At Work wears a suit and he immediately looks like Adam Levine.

1. When they roll their sleeves. There has to be a scientific explanation for this, because I don't understand how this technique makes guys' arms look a little bit manlier and bigger. Like when I see guys do this, I immediately think they can carry me with one hand and do bicep curls. But with me as weights.

2. Actually, when they can pull off not rolling their long-sleeved shirt. It takes a certain kind of guy to pull this off. Science should do a study on why guys in long-sleeved polos are generally hotter than the t-shirt wearing species.

3. When they wear a suit. You know how Normal Guy At Work looks so normal at work? And then you see him during the Office Ball and he immediately looks like Adam Levine?

4. When they take off their suit. Hi, baby!

5. When they fix their hair. It’s really sexy when guys put hair product and they kind of just play with their hair. It really makes me go, “So what else can you do with your hands…..ifyaknowwatImean”

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6. Speaking of! When they tie their hair into a really perfect man bun. And their top knot is messy, but still kind of neat. Does that make sense?

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7. When they wear glasses. What is up with dudes who look like dorks? You know how you have a crush on guys with big arms and lots of tattoos? They look so badass. But then they put on these oversized geeky glasses and you just want to tell them, “Gusto kitang ipakilala sa nanay ko.

8. When they wear actual shoes. Not flip-flops.

9. When they wear board shorts to the beach. And nothing else.

10. When they wear a neck tie. "Hi, do you wanna get some coffee and possibly tie me up with that neck tie so you can do very bad things to me? But that’s just a suggestion…"

11. When they can pull off a plain t-shirt. Actually, guys wearing T-shirts have the same effect as guys wearing suits. The plain V-neck tee gives us something to fantasize about. “Oh wow he has nice pecs, so I wonder what he looks like naked….?”

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12. When they take off their T-shirt like this.

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