16 Picks That Make Casual Dressing Look Chic

For days when you feel like dressing down, be sure your closet has a stock of these effortless urban pieces.
There really are some days when it literally takes so much effort to look fasyon. Maybe you’re stressed, your schedule’s crazy, or you’re simply tamad to dress up. For those days, what you need are key casual pieces that are effortless to pull off but still look stylish.

Aside from your staple dresses, skirts, and sexy tops, be sure to stock your closet with a mix of reliable chic sportswear and street wear on days when you only have time to grab the first comfy-looking item off your closet. As you take a break from your typical work or gimmick outfits, you at least still manage to inject a healthy dose of style into your comfy and laidback look.

These pieces are great for inspiring you to jumpstart a fitness routine, too. If losing weight is not motivation enough for you to enroll in a gym or start jogging, then maybe an excuse to buy workout outfits that are just as hip and stylish as your typical trendy clothes will be. Their bright colors and fashionable cuts and designs make them as irresistible as those you see in your favorite shopping haunts.

Tip: Mix your training wardrobe with other items in your closet to stretch your closet and outfit options and allow you effortless style. Stock up on graphic printed tees, skater boy pieces, and cool sneaks. For some ideas, look through our gallery.175
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