18 Kikay Victories That Feel Like Winning The Lottery

When you spend the whole day in the highest stilettos. And you don't die.

1. When you find the dress. Sometimes you go inside a store without thinking of buying anything. You see something that catches your eye and try it in the dressing room without thinking much of it. But OHMYGOD, you immediately fall in love with it: the color is perfect, the cut is flawless, and the dress hugs you in all the right places. It's fate! It's magic! It's destiny!

2. When the last pair of shoes on sale comes in your size.Ano meron today? Birthday ko ba?

3. When the skirt you wanted was P2,000 last week. But then you head to the store a week later, and whaddyaknow, it’s 50% off.

4. When you wear an all-white ensemble the whole day. And it’s still amazingly white after 6 p.m. “Who spilled coffee on her white outfit? Not meee, not today!"

5. When you spend the whole day in the highest stilettos. And you don’t even trip.

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6. When your Office Crush tells you, “New dress? You look great.” Hearts everywhere.

7. When your Office Crush says hi to you at the hallway. On the day that you’re wearing the dress. (See #1).

8. When you bump into your ex-boyfriend with the new girlfriend. And you are wearing your favorite, no-fail, I-always-look-good-in-this dress. Because come on, you will be replaying that moment in your head for the next 100,000 years.

9. When your cat eye is pantay and flawless AF. And it took you 10 minutes to do both eyes.

10. When you see your boyfriend’s jaw drop the minute he picks you up for date night. Like, he is completely floored with how you look, and he cannot get over it that he whispers, “Nice dress. So where’s the zipper?”

11. When you forget to take off your mascara before going to the gym. And 45-minutes of Zumba later, you do not look like a sad panda.

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12. When your sister buys something, and you realize you can borrow it anytime.

13. When you tie your hair, but then the elastics snap. But then you reach inside your jeans and realize you have an extra one.

14. When you wake up with good hair.Ganito pala feeling ni Beyonce every day.”

15. When you find P50 inside newly-washed jeans. This moment is like winning the lotto, you guys. “May pang-MRT ako!”

16. When you take off your skinny jeans after an incredibly long day.

17. When you take off your bra regardless of whether you had a long or short day. Bonus if your boyfriend takes it off for you, ifyaknowhwatimean!

18. When you buy something and it magically makes your boobs or butt bigger. “OH WOW, I DIDN’T KNOW I HAD THESE???" *cups boobs* *touches butt*

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