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5 Simple Tips For Shopping Without Buyer's Remorse

Get in and out with maximum efficiency and absolutely no regrets.

1. Stick to stores where you feel confident that you can afford most of what they sell. 
That way you won't fall in love with something only to find that it costs more than a month's rent.

2. Chart a course.
Don't just wander aimlessly through the aisles. It's a waste of time and you end up missing out on the really good stuff.

3. Do two complete laps and then head straight to the dressing room.
The first lap is really about getting a feel for the store and the merchandise. Grab whatever jumps out at you, but don't scrutinize every piece. The second lap can and should be a bit slower. Now that you've already gone through once, new pieces will begin to reveal themselves.

4. Make fast decisions in the dressing room. 
Put something on and if you don't immediately say to yourself, "I love this. I look amazing!" then throw it into the discard pile. Never buy anything you don't instantly love.

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5. Don't ask for a second opinion. 
Go with your gut. Who cares what your friend or the salesclerk thinks? You're the one who has to pay for it and wear it.


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