These 5 Trendy Sunglasses Are Perfect For Summer

Pick one...or hoard 'em all.
PHOTO: Instagram/kelseymerritt

Summer 2017 saw the resurgence of those candy-tinted aviators that were the stuff of every '70s dream. You remember! Quite understandably, sunglasses trends are arguably the quickest to come and gosomething probably owed to their simultaneous accesibility and necessity. Because sun protection is important, you know?

That, and shades are some of the easiest accessories to get your hands on and eyes under. They're the fastest way to make an outfit look up-to-date: think about the transformative power of those microscopic numbers everyone's wearing lately. Anything paired with them is suddenly, abruptly current.

So how is 2018 shielding its peepers? With one (or all five) of these shapes du jour!

Tiny Matrix-esque Shades

Speaking of. While slapping on these itty-bitty, teeny-weenie things might not actually block any harmful UV rays, they sure make for a lewk. Balenciaga put them back on the runway and in the spotlight, but we've got the Adam Selman x Le Specs collab to thank for really propagating the trend forward. The line's comparatively more affordable price point sealed its appearance on every stylish girl's 'gram—tricky as they are to pull off.

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Plastic Oval Frames

It's a mod, mod world. Hello from a taste of the swingin' sixties! We love these quirky-cute options that go perfectly with the season's favored chunky, sculptural earrings. Seen most recently on Marni's Spring-Summer 2018 runway, teaming a pair with the decade's signature zany, jetsetter-in-Pucci prints is the fun way to go, according to Chi Gibbs.

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Heart-shaped Sunnies

So flirty. In case you haven't noticed, Saint Laurent's coquettish Loulou sunglasses have found their perch on the discerning noses of your feed's best-dressed girls. If you've ever desired to personify the heart-eyed emoji, here's your chance! Lolita would be proud. 

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The Updated Cat-eye

Though this classic has been around for ages, there's no reason it shouldn't get a fresh new makeover every so often! This year's version is doesn't taper upward as much—in fact, its top frames lie almost completely flat, while the bottom corners meet in a much sharper angle than Audrey Hepburn's unforgettable, rounder pair. Topshop Unique's are an allusion to the '80s' penchant for the pointier!

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Ski Goggles

Far on the opposite end of the spectrum, these slope-inspired babies are meant to cover nearly your entire face. Funnily enough, they're just as difficult to figure out! Chanel's Spring-Summer 2018 show suggests styling them with boxy tweed and plastic bucket hats, but should that be a tad bit too outre for you, take Renee de Guzman's advice and settle for a beret, a fave sweater, and some funky danglers.

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