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8 Fashion Things You Thought Were True But Actually Aren't

You should break these rules immediately. IMMEDIATELY!

1. Short girls can't wear anything oversized.
Bullshit. Oversized clothes can be overwhelming on petite girls, but that doesn't mean you should steer clear from them entirely. Boyfriend jeans—when cuffed—can still elongate your legs, provided you pair them with sky-high stilettos. If you're a tiny human, and you look like you are drowning in a boyfriend polo, tuck your shirt in. Like this. 

Fashion is all about creating an illusion. Tucking your shirt in will emphasize your waist, which will give you longer legs and will elongate your torso.

2. Short girls can't wear midi skirts.
If you pair your midi skirt with a crop top—even if you don't show a slither of skin—you'll still look longer. Look at Andi Manzano. 

3. If you're a tall girl, you can't wear heels.
This rule is stupid. If you're a tall girl, you should wear heels. You shouldn't hide your legs to make them look shorter, because short girls want to make their legs look longer. No one is ever happy with what they have. So the general fashion rule is: Whatever your favorite asset it, whatever you think the best thing about your body is—don't hide it, flaunt it.

4. Denim-on-denim is so baduy.
It's not. If you want to pair your chambray polo with a pair of light-wash skinny jeans, you should. Because you can. There's a fashion rule somewhere that this trend only works if your denim pieces aren't of the same wash (for example, your chambray polo should be in a lighter wash; while your jeans should be darker), 
but that's bullshit, too.


5. You can't mix silver and gold accessories together.
Layered silver and gold bracelets are chic AF. If you're wearing a pair of silver earrings, you don't have to wear silver bracelets. Fashion is all about mixing and matching pieces together. There is no rule. The rule is: break all the rules!

6. Normcore is soo 2014.
It's not. If you want to wear your ugly sandals, you still can. 

7. Sparkly things are just for formal events.
Oh, that sequined skirt you bought last December for all your parties is rotting at the back of your closet? You can still get mileage from it by pairing it with denim polo, in case you were trying to figure out how to dress it down for the day.

8. You should add a pop of color to your ouftit.
Not true. If you're partial to black or navy or olive or whiteyou should wear that color every day, all day.

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