All The Times We Spotted Adela-Mae Marshall And Maureen Wroblewitz Style Twinning

They kinda look alike too, don't you think?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Shaira Luna via Instagram/adelamae, (RIGHT) Instagram/mauwrob

There are a lot these two Asia's Next Top Model stars have in common! Adela-Mae Marshall and Maureen Wroblewitz are both popular Philippine contestants and crazy talented at modeling; they have pretty impressive careers, too! We also noticed they've been style twinning more than once, and our fangirl hearts are 100% behind this. Here are a bunch of moments we spotted:

They both look great in a messy top knot

Are we jealous? Maybe a little:

They've mastered the side-profile pose

Adela and Maureen also looove big sunglasses

And so do we!

They both look good in Breton caps

They both know how to pose in natural light

An essential top model skill, don't you think?

Mirror selfies are no biggie for them

They know what angle works (and how to showcase their OOTDs, too!)

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