Inside Deets About Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman' Tour Outfits

Now, can she please announce a concert in Manila?
PHOTO: Instagram/arianagrande

Ariana Grande kicked off her Dangerous Woman concert tour in Phoenix, Arizona in early February, and so far, we've been living vicariously through updates posted on social media. And while we probably have to wait a while before Ari comes back to the Philippines so we can fangirl IRL, we're already anticipating just how good that concert would be, based on what the popstar's been wearing on stage.

In a Fashionista interview with designer Brian Hearns, who worked on three of Ariana's costumes, we learned that streetwear was the major reference for Ari's looks. "She had a mood board with these really cool images, and the vibe was really streetwear, oversize and really edgy—like what's happening in fashion right now," Brian shared.

"Everything is monochromatic, including the dancers' costumes; that way, everything just flows and looks really dope. Nothing shiny, everything is pretty matte, and there's lot of texture with straps and zippers and hardware," he continued.

Brian also said that Ariana was pretty involved in the design process: "When I sent the sketches, she had notes and things that she wanted to change and things that she loved." One of the latter was "a bodysuit with high-waisted shorts and a skirt that goes over it."

And if you ever wondered how singers get through so many outfit changes and still make it back on stage on time, Brian has this interesting piece of insider info. "Even though [the costumes] have a million straps and look like they have a million belts on, it's all engineered through one zipper in the back. It's all actually one piece, super-easy to get in and out of—nothing too complicated," he divulged.

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Fingers crossed we see these live soon!

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