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Where To Buy Bead Kits That Will Let You Create Colorful Y2K-Inspired Beaded Accessories

Time to make some ~friendship~ bracelets!
PHOTO: Lazada, Shopee

If there's one trend we're glad made a comeback, it's Y2K fashion. Rhinestone-studded baby tees, tennis skirts, chunky sandals—anything you can think of that came from the early aughts are *super* uso rn! As for the accessories, you cannot leave out beaded jewelry. Yup, those friendship bracelets you made with your friends during our sleepovers are trendy again!

Although you can buy cute designs from online shops, you can always make them yourself—just like the good old days. Not only will you save money, but you also get to customize them and make them truly yours. Interested? Check out these online shops that sell bead kits:

Online Shops That Sell Bead Kits For Beaded Accessories


    If you just want a basic starter kit, this one from the Shopee store is perfect for you. It comes with colorful beads, letter beads, heart accent beads, and two rolls of elastic nylon. This set costs P384.

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    If you prefer chunkier beads, you'll like this kit from the Shopee store. Aside from the thicker beads, you also get a variety of colorful letter beads and eight rolls of elastic string. This set costs P400.

    Bead kit from
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  3. O-New

    To those who are ~serious~ about making beaded jewelry, you'll get a lot of use from this complete kit from the O-New Lazada store. It includes jewelry pliers, jump rings, tweezers, needles, gloves, strings, and of course, a variety of beads! This set costs P1,033.

    O-New's bead kit and other accessories
  4. dfgfhg

    Beaded jewelry with letter beads on them is always fun to make, simply because they're *super* customizable. You can put your name, your dog's name, or even your K-pop bias' name! ;) Most bead sets already come with letter beads along with the normal plain ones, but this kit from the dfgfhg Lazada store only contains letter beads, so you're sure you won't run out at all! This one costs P353.

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    dfgfhg's mixed letter bead kit

    When it comes to making your beaded accessories, you're not just limited to plain seed beads and letter beads. A ton of online stores also offer ~*specialty*~ beads like stars, gummy bears, hearts, and the like! For example, the Shopee store offers these super cute flowers with smiley faces on them (and a whole lot more!). This set costs P43 for 10 pieces.

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    smiley beads from

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