This Is The Secret To Bella Hadid’s Super Revealing Red Gown At Cannes

Because let’s face it, she couldn’t have worn underwear.

Bella Hadid nearly broke the internet when she turned up at Cannes in the most daring gown we’ve seen as of late—and ended up flashing her vagina in one poorly calculated move. BUT we cannot argue that she looked flawless AF, wardrobe malfunction or not.

It did, however, get us thinking: How does a girl maintain her decency in something so damn hubadera?

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Vanity Fair spoke to Bella’s stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer, to get the deets. According to Elizabeth, they wanted to create something iconic and beautiful for the model to wear on the red carpet. They worked closely with Alexandre Vauthier, the dress’s designer, and planned every single aspect of the look.

As for Bella’s undergarments? She skipped the regular undies and went for something else. “The dress has a built-in silk bodysuit,” Elizabeth shared.

Apart from special tape to keep everything in place, the stylist also believes that confidence makes A LOT of difference when wearing something so revealing. “You have to consider everything. A fitting is not the same as wearing the dress. Bella is smart and confident, and we knew she could wear that dress,” she said.

There you have it, CGs! The next time you plan to pull a Bella for a special event, keep her stylist’s tips in mind. 

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