What To Wear With Your Belt Bags

Here's how you can style the trendiest bag of 2018!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/vinaguerrero, (RIGHT) Instagram/beyonce

A slew of '80s and '90s trends have been dominating the local fashion scene recently, and fanny packs—or belt bags—are officially one of them!

They're the epitome of practical chic, and can be worn below your waist and across your chest. As easy to wear as they may be, you might be wondering how best to match your OOTD with a fanny pack. Here are some tips:

Wear a fanny pack across your chest over a minimalist hoodie

Top this look off with a pair of hoop earrings like the one on Jess Connelly to add a little ~*extra*~ to this basic ensemble:

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You can opt to wear a fanny pack with a boxy graphic tee

Pick a bold color like yellow if your bag is either black or white, like the one below:

Let your bag stand out by wearing a sleek bodycon midi skirt

If you're feeling chilly, throw on a cropped hoodie like what Beyonce is wearing:

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Feeling like a midi skirt is too long for you? You can opt to wear a mini skirt in a color to match your bag, instead. Check out this outfit on Vina Guerrero:

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Pair your fanny pack with bright-colored sneaks to match

Wear dark or neutral colors to truly make this outfit stand out! Take your cue from Laureen Uy:

If you're going somewhere chilly, wear your fanny pack below a fluffy sweater

You can wear tiny sunglasses with this look too, like the pair on Renee de Guzman:

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Feeling a bit daring? Why not wear your fanny pack with a fitted long-sleeved crop top?

Bella Hadid perfects this look with cateye sunglasses:

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If you don't want to bare your midriff ~*that*~ much, you can wear high-waisted bike shorts underneath a houndstooth crop top. Show off your bag by wearing it across your chest.

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