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Chie Filomeno's Louis Vuitton TikTok Challenge Will Make You LOL

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/chiefilomeno, (RIGHT) TikTok/@chiefilomeno

In case 'di ka pa kinain ng sistema, TikTok is not just a platform to watch funny dubs or cute guys doing cool dance moves—you can also live vicariously with the fashion challenges where users ~flex~ their goods. The Louis Vuitton Challenge is just one of the trending ones in the app. It starts with the soundbite asking you to show off your first LV item, your newest LV splurge, your favorite among your LV collection, your smallest LV, and your biggest LV purchase. We've seen the entries of celebs and influencers and we were just in shock at the level of luxury they have. Lucky bishes—love that for them! 

But one of our faves is Chie Filomeno's version. Hers is not a typical flex. We don't want to spoil you, so you just have to see it for yourself here:


Calling all LV lovers!! Hopping on this trend ????

? Louis Vuitton Lovers - bylynny

Chie's flex was, well, ~real na real~. Louis Vuitton goods are pricey—for you to have a wide LV collection will cost you thousands or maybe millions of pesos. Chie's zipped cardholder probably has a hefty price tag, too, but not as expensive as an LV handbag. You do you, Chie!


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