Cosmo V-Day Gift Guide: Fashion And Beauty Loot For Single Gal Pals (And Yourself!)

Treat single ladies to these awesome finds. OR, give your man a hint: show him this list!

Stop feeling bad about being single on Valentine's Day. Use this occasion as an excuse to give your best girlfriends and the dearest women in your life a little token of appreciation for making your singlehood as fun and fabulous as can be with their company. Take advantage of this time of year to thank these gorgeous ladies for their loyalty and unabashed love.

And you know that, romantic gifts aside, what would really make any woman feel kilig is a kikay gift--be it a trendy accessory, a sweet new scent, or prettily packaged makeup. There's nothing like opening a prettily wrapped package and finding a nice fashion or beauty product inside. We haven't even mentioned how fun it is to shop for these gifts!

Here's a tip for coupled up Cosmo chicks: (Casually) share this article with your man so he can have a clear idea what you would really love to receive for Valentine's.

Click on the gallery button to launch our gallery of fashion and beauty Valentine's Day finds.

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