Denim-Loving Ladies Dish What Cut Works For Them

Fasyon chicks gathered to party, see the latest in Guess? fashion, and talk denim styles with Cosmo.

People in the '80s thought that jeans were already outdated and were not considered a fashion statement. Little did they know that Marciano brothers Paul and Maurice would change that perception forever. Their denim designs were timeless, sensuous, strong, and chic. The GUESS? approach was fresh and set the standard for the future of denim.

To release their most recent collection for Fall/Winter '09, Guess? held a fashion show entitled Guess: Denim Nation last December 4 at Encore (formerly Embassy Superclub). Models burned the house down as they strutted their stuff in sexy pieces from Guess? Premium Jeans' latest collection. These include denim military jackets, faux fur coats, and plaid dresses paired with lace stockings and sky-high heels.

Just to get a feel of what fasyon Cosmo chicks are wearing these days, our roving Style Paparazzi came up to some ladies who were eager to see the latest denim trends to ask them: "What denim cut do you prefer and why?"

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