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This Is What The Diamond Patch On Backpacks Is For

No, it's not just for ~*aesthetics*~.
PHOTO: Instagram/herschelsupply

If you hit puberty in the '90s, then you certainly weren't spared from the Jansport obsession that swept over every school kid in the country. And if you wanted people to think you were cool, you never wore yours on both shoulders—casually slung on one side was the way to go, even if your aching back screamed otherwise.

Now, backpacks are seeing a resurgence, and we think it might have been this fact that finally led Marie Claire to get to the bottom of this particular issue: What's up with the diamond patch on some backpacks?

As it turns it, it's not merely for show. It’s called a "lash tab" or "pig snout," and its original purpose was to actually carry even more stuff that couldn't fit inside your bag. You simply hang your things from cords laced through the holes, et voila—extra storage!

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Of course, it's not the most theft-proof solution, so there's that.

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