Five Engagement Ring Trends To Know Now

Just in case it helps make the decision a little easier.
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Choosing an engagement ring is probably the hardest shopping-related decision you or your partner will ever have to make and with SO MANY different kinds of rings on the market, how is anyone supposed to know where to start?

We've spoken to Vicky McKenna, Director of Buying at Signet Jewelers, to narrow down the choice a little by giving you the five hottest emerging trends in engagement rings right now.

1. Halo and 2. Baguette cut

These trends pertain to "a halo of diamonds around the center diamond, and baguette cut diamonds to the side," Vicky explains. "Baguette cut diamonds are very popular right now when mixing with other cuts for detailing."

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3. Floral motifs

Vicky says: "Another emerging trend is flowers and floral motifs within engagement rings. This classically romantic symbol is coming through in shapes made when clustering diamonds together, or using flower motifs to create intricate detailing."

4. Colored stones

"While more traditional sapphires are still very on trend, we're finding more unusual stones like opals are creating a stir for many brides-to-be who want something a little different," Vicky explains.

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5. Palladium

Vicky says: "Palladium [is] a very popular metal choice for many brides right now."

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