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10 Essential Jach Manere Poses You Can Try On Instagram

Let this 'Asia's Next Top Model' alum teach you a thing or two!
PHOTO: Instagram/jachmanere

Apart from her hilarious videos, Asia's Next Top Model alum Jach Manere has been serving more looks than we can count lately! If you're interested in adding a little ~*variety*~ to your IG feed, check out these poses from the pro model herself:

1. If you're wearing a dress or top with a lot of ruffles, show off that detail with your back to the camera.

Make sure your stare stays fierce, like how Jach did it in the photo to the left:

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2. Don't know where to put your drink? Make it part of your OOTD pic!

In this pose, Jach is subtly showing off her watch by lightly holding up her drink. Her head is tilted down so her eyes peek out from a pair of tiny sunglasses:

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3. Tilt your chin up and rest your head on one hand, for a more elegant squat pose.

Your free hand can rest on your other knee, like so:

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4. OOTD pics are always better with a BFF! 

For some variety, you can look away from the camera while your friend looks straight ahead:

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5. To add length to your photo in a half body shot, experiment with raising your arms.

Jach has one arm across her forehead while her free hand holds the other:

6. When on a chair, try sitting with your feet apart with your arms resting comfortably on your thighs.

This pose works well if you keep your chin up:

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7. You can also try sitting down with your legs together. Bend them at an angle and rest your chin on your free hand.

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8. The key to a stunning beach OOTD pic is knowing which angle works for you.

You can try side poses standing up or sitting down...

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...or if you want to face the camera, try putting your hands on both sides of your swimsuit.

9. Try leaning on a nearby wall using just the arm and knee closest to it.

Jach is really working her angles with this one:

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10. You can try leaning against a railing, too.

Hook one arm under the railing and let your free hand touch your forehead:

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