Fashion Trend: Futuristic Wild--Sleek African-Inspired Fashion

Rajo Laurel, one of Manila's most celebrated designers, takes us to a space age Africa in bold black and white.

When you think of black and white in fashion, you might normally think: classic pieces, basic colors, safe picks, monochrome—short of saying boring. But Rajo Laurel, the prolific and celebrated fashion designer who clothes Manila's rich and famous, has reinvented the basic and taken it to a new level: the future.

His latest collection, Sci-Fi Africa, was inspired by his vision of an African girl in the 25th century. "The philosophy of this collection can be sumarized in one word—paradox," says Laurel. "Imagine mixing the refined and the raw."

And when you think of Africa, you think of animal prints, rich, heavy fabrics and material (like fur and leather), and warm colors inspired by the savannah—kind of perfect for this year's Bachelor Bash, don't you think? But Rajo strips it down, switches it up, and channels his space-age safari into an ultramodern new collection. Sci-Fi Africa looked fantastic against the complementary backdrop of colorful furniture in Moroso, a high-end Italian furniture store in AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, where the show was held on the evening August 26.

Basic but bold, simple but stylish, Sci-Fi Africa boasts of sleek silhouettes in crisp black and white, with a touch of the tribal in the details, lines, and designs. The collection is futuristic, but definitely wearable, which is quite a feat. Sci-Fi Africa is great inspiration for those fashion-forward ladies who will always dare to wear.

Click through to the Gallery below to check out Rajo Laurel's latest collection, Sci-Fi Africa, and get a futuristic inspiration for what to pick out during your next shopping trip.

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