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It's Not Too Late To Try Out These Fashion Trends

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PHOTO: (LEFT) INSTAGRAM/ryujishiomitsu, (RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/ilovegeorgina

From Instagram to the streets, we've rounded up the top trends we’ve spotted on our fave style-setters in 2019. Even if it's already the new year, it's not too late to try these for yourself:


A popular Instagram trend among style stars are these uber feminine dresses, often characterized by one or all of the following: ribbon straps, a square neckline, a cinched waist and a full skirt, a maxi length, and floral prints galore.

Why you should try it: Consider this the easiest thing you can put on when you think you have nothing to wear. A ~*dressy*~ dress is all you need. 

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A popular focal point of 2019 are sleeves, and wild variations of it. Puffed, ruffled, deconstructed—you name it, we've seen it. 

Why you should try it: Be it a huge-sleeved dress or top, trust us, it'll make you feel super fab, powerful, and every bit the gorgeous independent woman. Think of it as modern-day version of the women-empowering, circa-‘30s shoulder pads.

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Cute, mini, and ultimately, frilly. These are like the little dresses your mom made you wear—only supersized!—and now you actually like wearing them! 

Why you should try it: It's super fun and super easy to wear! Little effort required. You can twin with your BFF, too!

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While we're scratching our heads figuring out why this trend resurfaced, one thing's for sure: biker shorts and body suits are here to stay. 

Why you should try it: Well, because it's all over Instagram! Plus, it's nice to go out and about once in a while wearing workout clothes with non-workout shoes.

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While it's perennially super hot here in the Philippines, can't deny the A/C everywhere else is blasting. At the office or inside your car, it's... freezing. And so these leather/pleathers come in handy!

Why you should try it: Other than the fact that style-setters are wearing them, it proves to be a fun way to dress up your basics, too.


Polka dots will never go out of style. This year and perhaps next, expect to see it on tulle overlays, dressing up basic LBDs.

Why you should try it: It’s easily flattering and appropriate for anyone! It's NYE-ready, too! You can never go wrong with polka dots, TBH. We suggest styling it with other staples, e.g. pumps or Mary Jane heels; or try incorporating a trend or two, e.g. padded headbands.

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You're not only imagining it—it's real. Animal-prints are back, and are present everywhere! Look closely and you'll see a leopard or zebra print on a swimsuit, an evening gown, or even a coat jacket. Time to go wild!

Why you should try it: It's a healthy way to break from your ~regulars~, and trust us, even beyond 2019, this trend is sure to be back, and back again.

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There's something always attractive about a lady in red: she's confident, alluring, and a woman of style for sure. Bright red certainly isn't a color that's easy to pull off and only a choice of the bold and brave.

Why you should try it: Because there's nothing like making a statement in a smashing all-red lewk. 


From organza to chiffon to tulle to mesh, 'tis the season to pile on the ~*dreamy*~, light-as-a-feather fabrics!

Why you should try it: It's such a fun way to dress up! We suggest ushering in the new decade in these beauties!

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Every year, more and more women are taking the spotlight, and not just in fashion or the beauty scene, but everywhere else! And so we're certain the woman suit will remain a ~regular~ on every woman’s closet, constantly evolving as trends come and go.

Why you should try it: Well, why not?

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