Feel Even Sexier: Dare To Wear Fun Underwear

The clothes they don't see should be as fabulous as the clothes they do. Check out these sexy underwear styles on the runway.

You'll be confident in your clothes—and out of them—if you know you've got something gorgeous on underneath. And no one was more confident than the celebs and stunners who walked the catwalk at the Bench Uncut underwear show (click on the link to see event photos).

This year's Bench underwear extravaganza might have been mostly about the nearly naked celebrities storming the stage and strutting down the ramp in their barest essentials, but it was also about fun, fabulous new underwear fashions that will look amazing on anyone.

In keeping with their regional theme, Bench showed off new undies inspired by the exotic and opulent Orient, the bright and bold Brazil, the warm and wild Africa, and the cool and sophisticated Russia. The latest lines of Bench underwear have something for everyone: lots of color for those who are sick of white, beige, and black; sexy silhouettes for those who want to show a little skin; pretty prints for those who'd rather not wear something plain; and beautiful details for a little extra oomph (rhinestones and bows, anyone?).

The Oriental-inspired underwear comes in shades of white, pink, red, and gold. The Brazilian bra and panty sets come in bright colors like blue, violet, yellow, orange, and lime green. Africa is all about the tribal prints, the earth tones, and the animal patterns. Russia sticks to classic, super sexy blacks and royal purples, with just a touch of sparkle.

Click through our Gallery to see what the models wore during the Bench Uncut fashion show!

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