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French Fashion Brand Creates Literal "Douche" Bag

No, really. It even says "DOUCHE" across the top.

French fashion brand A.P.C. will soon be selling a small suede drawstring bag for men that their designer, Jean Toitou, has dubbed the "Douche Bag." He has even gone as far as to emboss the word "DOUCHE" across the top.

In an article about the bag published on Yahoo! Style, Laia Garcia points out that the word "douche" is actually French for "shower," and supposes that it is intended to be used as a dude's dopp kit for what my sister would call "dirty stay-overs."

Whatever its purpose, the bag is sure to sell out and achieve cult status in the fashion industry, especially if it is extremely, extremely expensive. After all, there is nothing fashion people like more than ironic luxury items and this is the most ironic piece of high-end fashion since Kanye West "collaborated" with A.P.C. on a $120 plain white T-shirt.

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