Gigi Hadid In A Teeny-Tiny Bikini Will Finally Convince You To Hit The Gym

How is that triangle top even possible?!

Yu Tsai for Sports Illustrated

Going to the gym right this minute!

Behold, Gigi Hadid flaunting her under and side boobs in a chainmail bikini—though it really looks more like one of those body chain jewelry pieces to us.

Zayn Malik’s girlfriend poses for Sports Illustrated’s 2016 swimsuit issue, and this ridiculous excuse for swimwear is just one of the many revealing numbers she wore.

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There’s also a high-cut maillot that exposes her flat stomach and barely covers her breasts.

And an extremely low-back pastel suit that shows off her lovely behind.

Or how about this neon macramé bikini your grandmother would have zero problems knitting?

Something tells us you won’t be cancelling your gym membership any time soon.

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