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This Is What Gigi Hadid's Supermodel Life Is Like

It involves dancing to Zayn’s songs in designer clothes, of course.
PHOTO: Vogue

A fair warning, CGs: This new video might give your self-esteem a major beating.

In celebration of Gigi Hadid’s first ever cover for American Vogue, the fashion glossy documented a day in the life of the supermodel—and it’s as fabulous as you imagined.

Gigi starts her morning like any true millennial: by checking her phone for updates and news she might have missed while sleeping. Of course, not everyone does it decked out in a silky, fur-lined robe and high heels.

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The model also makes sure to squeeze a bit of exercise in. “Today’s workout has been seven minutes. I’m really pushing myself this week,” Gigi deadpans.

She then makes a requisite visit to burger joint In-N-Out for a “double-double, fries, and a chocolate-vanilla milkshake,” and goes on a milk tea run with older sister Alana Hadid...

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... before jumping into a pool fully clad in a sequined Dolce & Gabbana dress.

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We’ve always loved this girl for her cheeky sense of humor, and we love her even more after seeing this video. Watch it in its entirety below:

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