This Is The Designer Bag That's All Over Instagram Right Now

Fashion bloggers just can't get enough of it!

These days, social media is a hotbed for trends of all shapes and sizes. It takes just a few influencers to post something to their legions of followers, before it blows up and starts appearing on everyone’s feed. Such is the case for this season’s It bag, which all stylish girls in the world seem to be carrying.

Meet the Gucci Dionysus. You’ve likely seen the box-shaped bag with the distinctive double tiger head closure dangling from the shoulders of your favorite fashion bloggers—and found yourself falling in love.

Named after the Greek god of wine and festivity (cool, right?), the most common design comes in Gucci’s trademark GG pattern.

There are also solids and florals if that’s your thing, but the coolest ones have to be those emblazoned with cute, whimsical patches. TDF!

Obviously, the highly covetable Dionysus comes with a brow-raising price tag—we’re talking an average of $3,000 (about P138,000). But did we really expect anything less from the It item Beyonce, Dakota Fanning, and Alessandra Ambrosio love?

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If you’ve been meaning to treat yourself to a designer bag, we can’t think of a better choice.

Of course, if you (like us) just want to lust after expensive things, count on being able to drool over the Dionysus for a while.

We definitely don’t see this trendy bag disappearing from our Instagram feeds and IRL any time soon.

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