The Vintage-Style T-Shirt That's All Over Instagram

With a sky-high price tag to boot.
PHOTO: Instagram/carmengracehamilton

We’d totally let it slide if you think this IG-worthy t-shirt is a blatant rip-off—especially if you’ve seen this. But hey, it’s actually not, and it’s got a sky-high price tag as proof.

Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, is pretty clever. What better way to ride the fake logo tee trend than to retail the designer one that inspired it all, right? His version is selling like hotcakes among the It girls and fashion bloggers of the world, and not even the $867 (P42,913) price tag could deter them.

We can’t quite imagine paying that much money for a white t-shirt, but it does look pretty. And, as these ladies show, it’s perfect for that effortlessly cool '90s vibe that’s blown up in the past years.

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