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Your Childhood Scrunchies Are *Trendy* Again; Here's Where To Buy Cute Ones Online

They've made a comeback!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Ira Nopuente, Instagram/scrunchiesbych

Recently, we've noticed that anything that induces nostalgia is trendy again. Case in point: Tie-dye clothing and jewelry collections inspired by our old fave cartoon characters. And as we were scrolling through Instagram (as per usual), we noticed that another childhood staple was making a big comeback: Scrunchies. Yup, those big ties you used to keep your pigtails in place are now ~trendy~ again!

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In case you need a refresher, here are all the reasons scrunchies are way better than regular ol' hair ties:

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  1. They won't damage your hair.

    Everyone who has ever worn their hair up dreads the time they have to pull it off because it means instant buhol, plus it leaves a dent on your tresses. Since scrunchies are usually made of velvet or silk, not only will they be gentler on your scalp, but they also won't pull at your locks.

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  2. They can work with any hairstyle.

    Whether you use them on your high ponytail or space buns, scrunchies are the perfect hair accessory for any hairstyle.

  3. They come in different styles and colors.

    Regular hair ties usually just come in a variety of colors, but with scrunchies, you're not just limited to an array of hues. They are also made with different fabrics, too: Silk, velvet, and even sheer ones!

Ready for a ~throwback~ to your childhood? Check out these shops that sell pretty scrunchies:

  1. Scrunchies MNL

    Follow them: @scrunchiesmnl

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  2. Blingz MNL

    Follow them: @blingz.mnl

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  3. Scrunchies by CH

    Follow them: @scrunchiesbych

  4. Scrunchilla PH

    Follow them:

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  5. Scrunchies Studio

    Follow them: @scrunchiesstudiocavite

  6. Maison Gantsilyo Crochet PH

    Follow them:

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