We Listed Down Heart Evangelista's Go-To Closet Items

What are Heart's wardrobe staples?
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

If you've caught yourself scrolling through Heart Evangelista's Instagram (and liking every pic she posts, no shame) or thanking the style gods that she finally has her own vlog on YouTube, we don't blame you—she's definitely one of our generation's local style icons! And like any fashionista before her, Heart definitely has some essential pieces she can't live without. Check them out below:

Handpainted Bags

ICYDK, Heart is pretty fond of handpainting her own designer bags (because, you know, she can), and people have hired her to paint their bags, too!

Coordinated Pantsuits

She wore not just one, but two designer pantsuits at New York Fashion Week; coords have been a Love Marie style staple for quite some time:


Heart's an expert at choosing the right pair of shoes to go with her outfits:


With all the traveling she has to do, Heart never fails to mix it up with her coats! IDK about you, but I don't think she's worn the same coat twice:


Although her outfits are the epitome of  ~*extra*~, Heart likes keeping it simple and classy with her jewelry! 

She's been pretty fond of layering up her Dior bracelets recently:

She loves her statement pieces, too:

Designer Dresses

Even though she has her favorite designers, expect her to keep it chic and different every time:

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