Heart Evangelista Is In Balesin With Hubby, Looks Gorgeous AF

How does she stay so fresh?!
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista is currently in Balesin with husband Chiz Escudero and a few friends, leaving us dying with envy as we spend another weekend binge-watching movies and series. Our jealousy partly stems from the fact that it’s ~Balesin~, but really, we’re even more amazed that this is how Heart looks under the scorching heat.

Clad in a white bikini-baring romper (yeah, our jaws dropped, too), the actress accessorized with a sun-repelling straw hat, super classy pearls, and barely any makeup.

Of course, this being Heart, a customized Hermès Kelly isn’t too far behind! We really love how she gets creative with her designer bags, painting them with dreamy images and adding patterned Hermès Twilly scarves to the handles.

It’s not all bikinis she’s wearing, of course! Heart also donned a breezy white shirt dress—which definitely helps in keeping her cool—paired with oversized sunglasses and yet another Kelly bag. She really can do no wrong in the fashion department!

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