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This Is The Designer Bag Label Heart Evangelista And Laureen Uy Loved During Paris Fashion Week

Tbh, we want one, too!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/iamhearte, (RIGHT) Instagram/laureenuy

Paris Fashion Week may have come and gone, but it hasn't stopped unearthing designer gems for us to pay attention to (and add to our dream designer bag lists)! One brand in particular has caught the attention of both Heart Evangelista and Laureen Uy:

Heart was spotted with a pink Del Pozo coat and Les Petits Joueurs sling bag at PFW:

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According to their official website, Les Petits Joueurs was founded pretty recently in 2013 (in Florence, Italy), and has bags that range anywhere from $300 (P16,209.00) to a little above $1,000 (P54,030.00). The brand's look is characterized by "pop elegance"—"[it] shakes up the familiar aesthetics of a purse into a quirky, lively, statement piece."

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Laureen opted to go for Les Petits Joueurs as well, instead of a staple Prada or Balenciaga bag. Its simple design complements all the patterns she's wearing!

We're all for ~*pop elegance*~, so we hope we get to see more of LPJ's pieces on these stylish ladies soon!

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