Heart Evangelista Is Having An Exhibit Of Her Painted Hermès Bags

Get to see her designs up close!

If you’re an avid follower of Heart Evangelista’s OOTD posts on her Instagram, you’ll know that this woman loves her Hermès bags—she’s rarely without one!

You’d also be aware of the fact that she’s an extremely talented artist, and that she combines her love for art and fashion by painting dresses (like those she made for Mark Bumgarner) and bags with her fanciful designs.

Now, Heart’s taking her passion one step further by holding an exhibit of all bags she’s ever painted. According to her Instagram account, the exhibit will be held on September 3 and will feature over 40 Hermès Birkins, Kellys, and more. And, get this, there will also be an accompanying book!

No word yet just how long the exhibit will run and where it will be held, but in the meantime, get excited with this little preview of Heart’s painted bags:

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