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How To Pose In Heels, According To Heart Evangelista

Tapilok-proof tips right here!
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

High heels: Some girls can wear them, but only a few can pose gracefully in them. Take your cue from actress and style icon Heart Evangelista for these tapilok-proof tips:

If you're a little scared of losing your balance, rest your free hand on a nearby chair and cross your ankles.

If you're wearing nude heels like Heart, you can paint your toenails red to draw attention to those chic AF shoes:

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Crossing your ankles totally works without having anything to hold onto! Trust your balance and stand straight like so:

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Learn how to use steps to your advantage.

You can pose at the top of a staircase like so...

...or on top of white steps, like where Heart is below:

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You can even sit down on steps to change it up a bit! Extend one leg forward to add length to the photo, and to show off your cute AF pumps:

Never underestimate your scenic surroundings! If you're keen on wearing heels while on vacation, experiment with walking shots.

Check out this chic travel OOTD pic Heart took in Japan...

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...and this one she took in Paris:

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When in a busy street, pose sideways with one leg extended behind you.

You can also lean against a parked car with the side of your free foot facing the camera for emphasis.

Your other leg can be tucked behind you for balance:

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