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How To Dress Up Pants For The Holidays If You Hate Dresses

We have alternatives!

1. Ditch your blue jeans and go for a dressier bottom.
There are lots of other variations of pants that aren't denim. There are printed ones that look (and feel) like pajamas, sweatpants that you can actually wear outside the gym, and bottoms that come in luxurious fabrics like neoprene, leather, silk, and corduroy.

2. Not that there's anything wrong with wearing denims...
Hey, it's okay if you love your trusty old jeans—dressing them up for the holidays is totally easy! Match 'em with your sparkly tops or jackets, oversized knit sweaters, and tunics. Don't forget to switch from your basic ballet flats to pointy stilettos (this style will make your legs look longer, BTW).

3. Speaking of shoes, wear statement heels.
And we're not talking about your basic nude or black pumps. Look for a sexy strappy stiletto, ankle-strap heels in a bold neon hue, or sequined pumps (stores like Primadonna, Suiteblanco, and Zara have an amazing holiday collection that are totally luxe)—basically shoes that don't scream "Wear me to work!" 


4. Or a statement clutch.
The easiest way to wear something sparkly is to get a blinged-out clutch. Just make sure your other accessories are kept to a minimum, so NO giant necklaces OR oversized earrings. This way, your accessories don't compete with one another, and you won't end up looking like an actual disco ball. 

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