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How To Fashionably Color Block Your Wardrobe

Here's how you can properly sport the trend, according to Rajo Laurel.
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As dynamic as fashion is, there's one trend that never goes out of style: Color blocking. "It's a patchwork style done on a piece of clothing," says fashion designer Rajo Laurel. "But this also means styling solid color pieces separately. Ultimately, it uses colors that complement each other."

As a trend that puts different striking, solid colors together, it can be an intimidating look to pull off. Fret not, CGs! We enlisted Rajo to give you the lowdown on how to properly sport this look.

1. Go big or go home!

"Go for bright, bold solid colors worn separately. And don't forget to include your accessories in the mix when styling," says Rajo. What better way to steal the spotlight than by wearing statement-making colors, right?

2. Learn about your undertones.

"You either have cool, warm, or neutral undertones," he shares. How do you know for sure? Stand in front of a mirror in a naturally lit area, and hold up a piece of white paper against your face. If your skin tone appears yellow, green, or light brown against the white, you have a warm undertone. A pink, rosy, or blue hue denotes a cool undertone, while gray marks a neutral undertone.

Earthy shades like burnt orange, cream, sunny yellow, taupe heathered brown, and camel match well with warm undertones. For cool undertones, Rajo says to "think of colors that remind you of the sea and the sky"—that is, white, black, navy, and gray. Those with neutral undertones can get away with anything, but "it's much safer to go for soft indoor colors like dusty pink, jade green, or lagoon blue." He also reveals that bright red complements most skin tones.

3. Don't neglect monochrome dressing.

"The easiest way to do monochrome dressing is to pair different shades from one color," Rajo explains. "A cream or winter-white monochrome, or a dusty pink monochrome look is what I prefer."

Rajo is also in favor of wearing all-black outfits—they're easy and effortless to pull off. "Don't forget to break an all-black look by adding an accessory of a different color. To keep the outfit from looking too flat, play with different textures and patterns," he adds.

4. Play with silhouettes, too.

"Again, don't be afraid to play with textures and patterns," Rajo encourages. "Don't do everything in the same shape, like a loose top with a loose skirt. Always play with the silhouette of your outfit and incorporate the contrasting colors subtly."

5. Be comfortable.

"Always go with your instincts. Choose what you love and start from there," he points out. "Don't start off by pairing plum and orange if you don't feel comfortable. Start small and you'll develop a taste for which colors go together."

Since the key element of this trend is color, don't neglect your colored garments! For easy care, snap up a machine that does all the work for you. "Electrolux has the UltraMix system, which premixes and fully dissolves detergent for a deeper clean," says Rajo.

The brand's range of washing machines comes with technology that prevents the fading of colors, as well as a gentle cycle that maximizes cleaning power while softening the fabric and reducing allergens. Rajo adds, "It can also extend the life of your clothes with its Vapour Action feature. This means that your clothes get better care and stay fresh for years to come."

After all, clothes are a girl's precious investment, so might as well take good care of them, right?

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