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10 *Cool* Home Photo Shoot Ideas, As Seen On Celebs

No extreme props needed.
Home Photo Shoot Ideas
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/iamhearte, Instagram/jennierubyjane

We've lost count on the days we were advised to stay at home (which is a privilege), and we miss wearing our ~pang-porma clothes~. If you find sharing your cool outfits on Instagram as a form of creative outlet, you can still do so! You just have to be innovative. Welcome to the era of home photoshoots.

Before, cafes and parks were the ~hottest~ photoshoot locations. Now that we're in quarantine, we have to be extra creative in taking OOTD pics. Celebrities and influencers are already producing content right at home. If you want to follow suit, see our key tips below:

  1. Clean your space first.

    You don't need to create some wild setup to pull off a home photoshoot. What you can do is to pick a random spot in your house and clear it of clutter. Arrange furniture and home accessories if you must. Also, take into account the lighting in your location—a well-lit area is always better.

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  2. Prepare your outfit.

    Influencers and celebs plan out their outfit posts in advance and allot a specific time for shooting. How many looks do you plan to take? Select the clothes, accessories, and footwear you'll be wearing. Plan your hair and makeup, too.

  3. Set up your camera.

    If you opt to utilize your phone camera's self-timer, place your device on a tripod or a sturdy space. If a family member can shoot for you, instruct her on the angles and how you want your photos to look.

Now that you know the basics, it's time to get inspo on how celebs and influencers have pulled off a home photoshoot. Check out where they did it below:

  1. On your bed

    Jennie Kim's DIY photoshoot for eyewear brand, Gentle Monster, is the best example.

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Jennie Kim
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  2. Against the cabinet

    Don on a colorful top, a pretty hair accessory, and set

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Park Minyoung
  3. In front of a full-length mirror

    Whether you opt to stand or sit on the floor, a full-length mirror will always help you ace a nice OOTD shot.

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Elisse Joson
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  4. By a blank wall

    Find an empty space in your house or use a big piece of cloth as a blank backdrop.

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Julia Barretto
  5. At the "beach"

    Vacations are totally out of the picture, so makeshift a beach setup at home. It's still summer, after all!

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Heart Evangelista
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  6. At your workspace

    Turn your office area into the perfect location for your OOTD content.

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Bela Padilla
  7. Near a big window

    Natural lighting makes your photos 100 percent better. Time your shoot during golden hour for best results.

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Rei Germar
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    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Chie Filomeno
  8. In the garden

    Plants are always to the eyes. Wear a colorful or white outfit for a nice contrast.

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Heart Evangelista
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    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Anne Curtis
  9. At your doorstep

    Your main door has so much potential! Place potted plants to add ~texture~ to your photo.

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Yassi Pressman
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  10. By your gate

    Try this if you're going for an industrial aesthetic.

    Home Photo Shoot Idea: Sofia Andres

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