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It's True! An Unstainable Shirt Actually Exists

Technology is awesome!

It's really annoying when you decide to put on a white shirt...only to spill coffee on it. But clothing line Elizabeth & Clarke has an answer to this: The Unstainable White Shirt—a new fashion thing that repels coffee, wine, ketchup, mayo, and yes, even sweat (which evaporates before it even touches the fabric).

How is this possible? Well, the shirt uses "tiny 'whiskers' that are 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand," which keeps water- and oil-based liquids suspended above the fabric. Hence, food products don't get absorbed by the shirt. The shirt has four designs: a plain scoop-neck tee, a button-down polo, a sleeveless top, and a collarless button down.

The shirt isn't available for mass production yet, but y'all can buy it on for about $25-$50 a piece.

Which is actually not bad at all, considering this new fashion thing works like ~*magic*~.

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