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Kris Aquino's Vintage Chanel Bag Collection Is Insane!

Plus, find out why Japan is the best for buying pre-loved designer goods.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/krisaquino, (RIGHT) Facebook Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino's foray into the vlogging world has been nothing but entertaining for us all—seriously, the voyeurs in us just want to see more. Back in March, Kris shared the contents of her makeup kit and we've been hankering for anything beauty- or fashion-related since.

So when this video popped up on our Facebook feeds, we were beyond excited. I mean, really, nothing like a commentary from Kris about her vintage Chanel bag collection to brighten up one's day, right?

In the video, Kris is joined by Aimee Hashim, the personal shopper behind Loveluxe Bags, and Trish Cuason of Vintage Restore, which, as the name suggests, repairs and restores bags until they're practically ~*sparkling*~ new. Though Kris' trademark candor is pretty much the selling point of this video, we still managed to pick up some interesting and helpful tidbits about buying secondhand designer bags.

For instance, there's a reason why vintage shopping in Japan is exceptional. According to Trish, "The Japanese are known to be very meticulous people and very careful and honest. So definitely this is a good buy because hindi ka nila lolokohin."

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As for sorting the good from the bad, it probably helps to have a pro like Aimee help you source things. Through her, Kris has acquired an impressive number of classic Chanel bags—"Focus lang tayo sa black. Kailangan gold hardware," Kris asserts—some of which date back to the '80s and bear the covetable Series 1 serial numbers.

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In the 12-minute video, Kris also stresses the importance of caring for your bags. She suggests stuffing them when stored so they'll keep their shape and won't get deformed, while Trish encourages using them and airing them out at least once a week. See, as it turns out, Kris has had the issue of leather melting off in some of her bags.

*sigh* Don't we all wish we have that problem? LOL!